Table of Contents for Phoenix-Koltanowski Attack
Koltanowski-Phoenix Attack
, by David Rudel, is not a repertoire book. It is a thorough treatment of the new Phoenix line in the Colle-Koltanowski system spanning over 250 large pages. The Phoenix is the future of the c3-Colle, and Koltanowski-Phoenix Attack gives it the respect it deserves.

Even though the book is large and comprehensive, Rudel has organized it in such a way that you can start playing the K-P with confidence after only a few hours of study. Early in the book, Rudel gives simple, easy-to-learn variations for many lines, allowing the reader to focus on learning the most important variations. Then, later, the reader can selectively upshift from those easy lines into more ambitious ones as study time allows.

To learn more about how the book is structured to flexibly support many different audiences, download the Repertoire Development chapter. The table of contents shown at right portrays the coverage and organization of the project.

Looking for Repertoire Books?

Koltanowski-Phoenix Attack is devoted to an improvement on the c3-Colle's two mainlines. Players looking for answers to troublesome pet defenses that avoid the Colle have several quality books to choose from.

Zuke 'Em and the soon-to-be-released Zuke 'Em Companion contain Rudel's own answers to these troublesome lines.

Table of Contents (Continued) for Koltanowski-Phoenix Attack
Richard Palliser's two Colle books, Starting Out: The Colle and Starting Out: d5 Attacks combine to form a nearly complete repertoire. (It does not include an antidote to the Dutch Defense.)

If you are looking for a single-volume repertoire book, I recommend A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire by Aaron Summerscale and Sverre Johnsen.